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Countertenorism- Early Music, Rearranged - An showcase

A countertenor, beatboxer and classical guitarist walk into a room. What happens next?

This showcase includes early music elements and modern elements. Early music (written between 1250 and 1750 embracing Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque) is often assumed to be stiff and, well, out of date. Beatboxing, on the other hand is perceived as low-key and nonmusical. Having studied early music for a decade I can say that the freedom and delicacy in the music is incredibly moving, when it is done well. I strongly believe the quality of classical singing can be extracted and applied in as many environments as our imagination can reach. Early music + beatboxing is a musical creativity project that I have in my vision. I deeply believe this program has potential to create magical moments with its audience.

Juecheng Chen - Voice

Gene Shinozaki - Beatboxer

Matt Leece- Guitarist