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Beyond The Power of Singing - Ju-eh's vocal studio

Course Description:
Learning singing is not just about the singing itself, it is about confronting your inner emotions; it is about the functions of your inner organs (the use of your lungs, heart rate, stomach...) and small muscles (the lips, the imposto muscle, the tongue ...) and more importantly about your health. Have you ever felt short of breath singing a pop song at karaoke? Have you ever felt that you do not know how to convey emotions through the lines of the song? Have you felt difficulties in starting your first note? Have you ever been afraid of the rhythm of the song, or just in finding the pitches? 

Ju-eh, who has studied classical singing for over a decade can guide you with his knowledge through all the above issues and more. Not only is Ju-eh an active international performer, he is also a Feldenkrais Method practitioner. The Feldenkrais Method is a kind of somatic study which connects the brain and the body in a light and easy way. Therefore, Ju-eh has the front of the stage experience and the knowledge of the body to equip you with joy and confidence to sing. Ju-eh received his education from The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, UK (BMus Hons) and Mannes, The New School (MMus). 
Ju-eh has maintained a private studio since 2013, and his students are spread across the world. His students express that unlike other voice classes, his unique approach to teaching goes beyond rules, formats and the technique of singing. 

Please know that the times below are subject to change for his performing schedule. Ju-eh offers voice lessons on site at his studio in Brooklyn and online (Skype and FaceTime). Upon request, Ju-eh is able to travel to your home within New York City and to arrange time slots that are tailored to your specific needs. Lesson length is usually 60 minutes for an individual and 90 minutes for a small group of students. (up to 3 people)

Currently taking bookings for 2019 - 2020.
January 21 - April 21
June 15 - August 31
September 2 - December 22

Start and End Times
Monday 11am - 8pm
Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 9pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday 2pm to 10pm
Saturday 12pm - 5pm

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”My passion as a classical singer combined with my years of study of body awareness provides me with an exceptional grounding teaching career. It has been exciting joining the Masters’ program in vocal performance at Mannes. There I gained new perspectives on becoming a better performing artist. Furthermore, the academic experience inspired me to get into teaching.

Whilst I have strong career prospects as a singer, I am eager to develop different dimensions to share my creativity. I completed a vocal pedagogy course during my Bachelor’s degree in London. My professors and my students inspired me with the idea that communication is the transportation of human creativity. I feel greatly rewarded and satisfied when I am part of it!

Currently, I am completing the Feldenkrais Institute training program. Here, there is such a diversity of people who want to understand body awareness and opinions are shared constantly. I am very excited at the possibility of deepening these topics and to help others who want to know more. I left my home town when I was 19 and lived in 4 different countries. As someone who comes from the Far East, I appreciate the courage that international students contain. I believe there are many approaches one can take in teaching, and I trust I developed the patience to find them with a sincere and thoughtful mindset.”

Ju-eh, January 2019